Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wayward Pines: Automatically one of the worst endings in the history of ever.

Sure, when Fox cancelled Almost Human - giving as their only real explanation its production cost (and yet, the upcoming Minority Report looks to be just as expensive) - I was plenty miffed. But I somehow decided to give Wayward Pines a chance anyway.

It was a mistake.

I want those ten hours of my life back.

So our protagonist's noble sacrifice, when you get right down to it, was basically for nothing. Somehow, a group of heavily-armed adults - including at least two trained federal agents, if not other outright military personnel - in a fortified mountain stronghold were seemingly easily overwhelmed by a small group of unarmed children. Children who, might I add, apparently also scaled a previously-destroyed elevator shaft (as established via the aforementioned sacrifice).

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