Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How poor writing/decision-making rendered DC Comics' New 52 functionally irrelevant/"dead."

(An addendum to other recent posts)

Relic blew up Oa! That's certainly noteworthy... isn't it?

...except that it isn't. The Guardians themselves admitted (in Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn) that Oa itself ISN'T REALLY IMPORTANT.

In a near-death situation (Green Lantern vol.5 #4), Hal Jordan realized that his only regret was that he'd never see Carol Farris again. When he inevitably escaped and made it back to Earth, he immediately declared his undying love to her. He even tried, for her sake, to give up serving in the Corps!

So of COURSE the current creative teams on the Green Lantern books have her paired off with... Kyle Rayner?!

Still, I've got to give them credit for killing off John Stewart... until, that is, I remember that they once cured him of paraplegia to coincide with the advent of the Justice League animated series!

You know, it's sad but true - other than new releases based on the the pre- New 52 continuity (such as The Sandman: Overture), DC Comics ended sometime before Green Lantern: New Guardians #23.

Oh, and with Harley Quinn turning out to be a mass murderer... of children, no less!

And with the way DC editorial wrongfully screwed-over J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman over Batwoman, too.

DC: Dumb Choices.

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